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Hey it’s Lior O (pronounced Lee-Or) here and thanks for coming to the site! My story is short and not all that eventful. A couple of years ago I dropped out of college and quit my job in seek of something more. The entrepreneurial drive started within me and there was no stopping it.

All my searching kept leading back to learning the basics of internet marketing if I wanted to start any sort of business. But, circumstances brought me to living on my own for the first time, not having any sources of income, not knowing how I would pay rent, and desperate for cash.

I thought to myself: “I have all this internet marketing knowledge from immersing myself nonstop. Instead of using it to start and grow a business from scratch, why don’t I just charge business owners to help them grow their existing businesses using my skills?”

And that is how I started as a digital marketing consultant. The road was tough but when there is a will there truly is a way. Necessity is the mother of invention (I’m on a roll with these cliches), and so I quickly developed my own unique strategy for prospecting and landing these consulting deals. I went from $0 to over $10k per month in recurring profits, all within 3 months.

The groups and masterminds I was in started to take notice of my rising success and I noticed people were now turning to me for advice. Within 6 months I successfuly launched my own digital course revolving around my client acquisition method with the help of key partnerships with other leaders in the sphere.

These leaders (several of which I paid to learn from), started to come to me to produce content for their courses and memberships. And that is how ScopeRush was born.

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ScopeRush is the culmination of my experiences learning first hand to be a digital marketing consultant. There are only a few places online that share¬†how to actually sell SEO, as opposed to how to just do it. The ones that exist are usually private memberships behind expensive paywalls. Everything on this blog is free and it doesn’t just stop at information and guides. We have several software in the works to make the lives of SEOs and marketers so much easier.

No, the name doesn’t mean anything. But I after I chose it I realized that “Scope” could be scoping out clients/keywords and “Rush” is rushing towards them and making the sale. Neat-o!

If you’re just getting started or you’re a veteran consultant, you will still find something of value to take from the content here. Whether that’s…

  • Getting your first client
  • Learning how to build your team
  • Discovering different prospecting methods
  • Preparing to travel the world for majority of the year while still running a business

… we’ve got you covered.

Thanks for joining on the journey and make sure to subscribe below to get updates on new content and free software!

– Lior Ohayon

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