The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Clients Through LinkedIn (Without Ads)


This is a post I’ve been really excited about for two reasons. First, it is the first “how to get clients” guide on the blog and that’s what I’ve always been known for and what I wanted the main focus of this site to be about. More to come on this! Second, it is the first guest post I’ve ever allowed on any site. If you have something unique you’d like to contribute, contact me.

I personally have tried this method and it works. Within the first two days of spending 3 minutes each day on it, I got my first consultation booked with a potential client. The only reason I decided to share it so soon is because I got so excited and I’ve now discovered dozens of others doing the same. Dave, take it away.


Lior is a good friend of mine, and he asked me to share with you guys an in-depth guide to a client-getting strategy that I’ve been using to grow my personal digital marketing consulting.

I’ve found that LinkedIn is a ridiculously good place to get clients for your digital marketing and SEO business.

I’ve tried dozens of different client-getting methods, and LinkedIn prospecting is the most effective and surprisingly the least time consuming way to grab those juicy monthly retainers.

I believe the reason my strategy (which I’m about to share with you) has been so effective, is because almost everyone is doing it dead wrong.

Everyone treats their LinkedIn profile as their online resume.

“If you build it, they will come.”

After sitting with an inbox of zero for two years, I realized maybe they weren’t going to come. So I made one big shift in my thinking.

My profile isn’t a resume… It’s a sales letter.

You need to treat it like you would any other website. Drive traffic, increase conversion rate, capture the lead, repeat.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the difficulty of finding clients, then this LinkedIn prospecting strategy can dramatically change all of that.

The strategy was blindingly simple, but made all the sense in the world. I made some changes to my profile, used some persuasive copywriting, and took out everything that wasn’t related to digital marketing.

Then I found this awesome Linkedin Autoview software that would look at 800 profiles per day from my account. I ran that software every night for a week, hoping to get a bit of action.

The results were astonishing. A week later, my inbox looked like this:

lead4 lead3 lead2 


I had business owners messaging me FIRST saying things like “Call Me!” and then giving me their cell phone and begging for an appointment.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent hundreds of hours out hunting for new clients, continually emailing, calling, and begging them to meet with you to do business.

Not only is this fairly miserable, but it puts us at a huge disadvantage with the client. We lose our expert positioning and are at a disadvantage from the start!

When you turn the tables and position yourself as an authority, you will quickly realize that you have all the authority when business owners view you as the expert and are reaching out to YOU.


These deals close quicker, close way easier, and close for more money than outbound strategies. People talk about waking up to an inbox of leads each day waiting for them – and that’s exactly the position I’ve found myself in over the last few months.

Other marketers have started to catch on to the benefits of LinkedIn, but it’s safe to say that if you get in now, there is PLENTY of money waiting to come your way. Either you’ll get it, or someone else will.

In case you’re a skeptic and thinking “why would this guy share his strategies?”, it’s because of what I just said. There’s far too much opportunity in this for me to even put a dent in. If someone is going to get it, I’d rather it be my friend Lior’s readers than anyone else 🙂

Here’s the steps you can take this week to get your profile optimized, get hundreds of weekly views to your page, AND start scheduling 2-5 consults per week from business owners coming to you asking for help.


Phase One: Optimize Your Profile


  1. After your name, add a comma and type out what you do. I experiment with different descriptions, but currently I have “Dave Rogenmoser, Facebook Ads Expert”. This is extremely effective, because often times your name is the only thing people will see.
  2. Change your banner. Most people use a generic banner, which is ridiculous. Would you use a generic wordpress theme to brand your website? No. Use that online real estate to send a message or ask a question of your audience. Currently mine says “Are you afraid to invest in online marketing because you don’t know if it will work?”linkedin profile clients
  3. In your “professional headline”, ask a question or compel viewers to dig deeper. Don’t waste that space by putting “CEO of Market Results”, use it to intrigue your audience. Right now mine says “Feel like your marketing dollars aren’t quite working? Let me show you how PROFITABLE Facebook Ads can be.” Hook, line and sinker.
  4. Use your summary as a sales letter. I say I have a special offer for my LinkedIn connections and give them an easy opt in to talk to me. Tell them what you are amazing at, tell them what you will give them, then give them a call to action. Stay away from jargon and boring stuff about your company. Remember, people only care about themselves and their problems.
  5. Add relevant skills and order them with the most important at the top. A lot of people still have “Microsoft Excel” as one of their skills. Add your most relevant skills like “SEO” to your profile, and when people visit your page LinkedIn will ask them to endorse the top 5. This will grow over time and LinkedIn will show your profile more frequently when people search LinkedIn for certain services.
  6. There are dozens of other tips I could give you, but these 5 are your quickest wins that make the biggest impact. A final, overarching principle is to use SEO practices on your profile. Using keywords where relevant is a great way to start getting more organic traffic when people search for terms like “SEO expert” in LinkedIn.

Phase II: Getting Thousands of Business Owners Looking at Your Profile


  1. The secret is in the Autopilot for LinkedIn plugin you can download here. (Lior: Not affiliate link. There is a free trial of this software, and I also recommend going on a free trial of LinkedIn Premium to benefit the most from it!)
  2. Install it in your browser (Firefox or Chrome), and you are now ready to watch the magic happen.
  3. Do an advanced search on LinkedIn to pull up a list of your ideal customers. I typically search for “Owner” or “CEO” as their title, United States as their location, and view 2nd Connections and Group members. autopilot linkedin viewer
  4. Once this search is done, you’ll have thousands of results come up. At this point you can click the yellow “Yes” button on Autopilot for LinkedIn and it will spend the next 5 hours looking through profiles.
  5. When people see that you looked at their profile, their vanity kicks in and they wonder “who viewed my profile? I want to check them out, too!”
  6. At this point you will sometimes get messages waiting for you and sometimes you will need to add them as a connection and message them first.
  7. Here’s a message I’ve found to be very effective:



Thanks for visiting my profile. I have 1 question for you.

Would you like to see how your top competitor is profitably taking business from you online? Most business owners take me up on this, but know that I will keep it to 15 minutes, and this is not a “sales pitch in disguise.”
Very respectfully,


Dave Rogenmoser, Facebook Ad Expert


From that message you should get a pretty good response rate of people that want to talk more about how you can help them. And there you have it! This is the easiest method I have personally found of attracting high quality clients and getting them in consultations that close at a fairly high rate. Now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comments how it works for you or if have tips to add!

Lior: I convinced Dave to share more of his message templates because the copy is so important to get right the first time and he does it well. He put together a beautiful PDF bonus showing a 4 step message sequence that landed him $19,000 in 100 days, as well as an awesome Top 20 Niches list to target on LinkedIn. Share this post now to unlock the PDF!


Dave RogenmoserDave is the CEO and Co-Founder of Market Results, and Co-Founder of 6ksuccess.com. He is the bestselling author of Beyond the Grind, and is passionate about helping businesses grow as well as teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to gain traction and start massively profitable consulting businesses. You can reach him at dave@themarketresults.com



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