How to Build The Perfect Prospecting List and Smash Your Goals This Year

Do you ever get that uncertainty feeling when you hear about a new opportunity but don’t fully understand how it will equate in terms of dollar signs?

This must be how some salesmen feel when they’re given their quotas and goals for the quarter. I’ve never been one to jump into something without fully understanding it, so I thought I would make this post to help you hit your goals this year, seeing it’s the new year and all. Continue reading

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A Guide to Starting Your Agency From Scratch (My #1 Tip)

It’s a question I get asked all the time: “Lior, if you were to start over, what would you do differently?” Or, “I’m just starting out, what should I focus on?”

I get this asked by veteran digital marketers, newbies, or even friends that see my stuff on Facebook and think SEO is just a money tree that anyone can plant.

The truth is there’s not much of a difference between getting your 5th client or your 34th client. You’ll have more experience, sure, but the real question being asked here isn’t one of experience.

It’s how to get money flowing through the door faster.

How do I get 4 clients per month instead of 2? How do I get my first client? How do I get higher ticket clients? Continue reading

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To Niche Or Not To Niche, That Is The Question

There’s a long-running debate in digital marketing on whether or not “niching down” is a smart move to do. Niching down essentially means positioning yourself as an expert in only that one niche, subject, or service, no matter if you are a consultant or selling fruit in the market. Continue reading

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The SEO Cancun Experience

It’s no secret I love travelling. That’s what my whole persona built up on this blog is all about.

I use it to inspire and motivate you to keep working on your business and teach you how it is much more possible than you think.

Remember that sales video I shot hundreds of feet in the hair hanging from a parachute? This was the “SEO trip” that I made to shoot that video.

Shot and edited by yours truly. Enjoy!

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3 Ways To Outsource SEO and Live the Life You Want

What kind of lifestyle do you want? Did you get into SEO to chase the ever-elusive dream of living on a beach, making passive income and making your own schedule?

The truth is that with the right amount of initial setup and effort, you can literally remove yourself from your own business to the point that you’re not even needed except to check in once in a while. I know because I’ve done it here and also here.

All of that is done through the power of delegation. If you can learn to give over the reigns, release control, and to trust, your entire business and life can change drastically. This is done through outsourcing. In this guide I am going to outline the when, what, and how of outsourcing your digital marketing business.

Continue reading

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