When and How to Find Yourself a Business Coach (Sam Ovens Interview)

I had the pleasure of spending time with and interviewing Sam Ovens, who was actually my first real business coach and still is. We’re in the same industry, he is where I want to be, and he achieved all his success in under 5 years.

Enjoy the interview and make sure to leave your thoughts and questions for Sam in the comments below!

Sam’s Tip That Helped My Sales Process

The best way to get a verbal agreement and close the sale in the live strategy session is to offer an incentive. In the first call, the prospect stated that my prices were affordable, he saw the value, and needed SEO, yet there was no incentive for him to sign up right then and there. Even with a closing statement, it can open up objections as to why they can’t commit right then and there. They often will say “leave it with me and we’ll be in touch.”

What Sam suggested to me was to frame the call from the beginning as a sales call by letting the prospect know that they will have the opportunity at the end of the call to make a decision on whether they want to move forward with my services or not. Then, when it comes time to mention your prices and packages to the prospect, you list it out with your usual setup fees (do it anyways even if you don’t have one). Then offer the incentive by saying the following: “We found that our best clients were fast decision makers. We get them the best results and have the most fun together. Therefore as an incentive to you, the $1000 setup fee is waived if you make a decision on this call.”

I used that on my next call that day and landed one of my biggest clients in 20 minutes flat. It’s simple, to the point, and the people that say they don’t care about the setup fee are people that probably weren’t going to buy anyways. It takes time and money to followup with those people, and you can mention that to them if you want.

That’s about it! Go out and use that framing and incentive in your own strategy sessions!

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How to Find Any Business Owner’s Name (and Email) In Seconds

[Update 8/15/2016: This quickly became my top-performing post getting hundreds of visits a day. Because of it’s popularity, I was inspired to actually create a software that automates all of the processes listed below. Checkout ScopeLeads here!]

In my business we send a lot of physical mail and email to cold prospects in order to gain their business. It is a lot better than cold calling because you can stand out more (with physical mail), and you can scale better (with email).

The process usually starts with preparing a prospecting list. A list of potential leads that fits your “sweet spot” market criteria. The sweet spot could be a different post for a different time, but once you have the list is when you start to send out your marketing material.

However most of the time you’ll find a prospect online whose website or marketing sucks, and you know you can really help them, but the owner’s name isn’t listed on the site and his email is not there either. You need his name to make the mailer/email more personalized, and you need their email to actually send it to them as opposed to it getting lost with the sales reps!  Continue reading

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The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Clients Through LinkedIn (Without Ads)


This is a post I’ve been really excited about for two reasons. First, it is the first “how to get clients” guide on the blog and that’s what I’ve always been known for and what I wanted the main focus of this site to be about. More to come on this! Second, it is the first guest post I’ve ever allowed on any site. If you have something unique you’d like to contribute, contact me.

I personally have tried this method and it works. Within the first two days of spending 3 minutes each day on it, I got my first consultation booked with a potential client. The only reason I decided to share it so soon is because I got so excited and I’ve now discovered dozens of others doing the same. Dave, take it away.


Lior is a good friend of mine, and he asked me to share with you guys an in-depth guide to a client-getting strategy that I’ve been using to grow my personal digital marketing consulting.

I’ve found that LinkedIn is a ridiculously good place to get clients for your digital marketing and SEO business. Continue reading

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