The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Clients Through LinkedIn (Without Ads)


This is a post I’ve been really excited about for two reasons. First, it is the first “how to get clients” guide on the blog and that’s what I’ve always been known for and what I wanted the main focus of this site to be about. More to come on this! Second, it is the first guest post I’ve ever allowed on any site. If you have something unique you’d like to contribute, contact me.

I personally have tried this method and it works. Within the first two days of spending 3 minutes each day on it, I got my first consultation booked with a potential client. The only reason I decided to share it so soon is because I got so excited and I’ve now discovered dozens of others doing the same. Dave, take it away.


Lior is a good friend of mine, and he asked me to share with you guys an in-depth guide to a client-getting strategy that I’ve been using to grow my personal digital marketing consulting.

I’ve found that LinkedIn is a ridiculously good place to get clients for your digital marketing and SEO business. Continue reading

  • a couple of years ago

This Is How I Grew My Business While Travelling The World

Long-term travelling can be the most rewarding and also the most frustrating experience of your life… especially if you own a business. I like to differentiate between travelling and taking a vacation. A vacation means you have a home base but you are just taking a couple days off to relax and recharge. Traveling – especially extended traveling – usually means you have no “base”, and you are exploring on the move more than you are relaxing on a beach.

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